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Innovation and Recycling in Design

Striving for Sustainability

There is nothing known as waste in Kumbaya.

Our Signature Patchwork Designs

The story of Kumbaya is rooted in the idea of maximising with limited resources. Since the time of our inception, we have been working with waste out of necessity, long before it became fashionable or trendy.

Nothing is discarded as waste at Kumbaya. Even the last scrap of fabric finds its way on to a product in a way that it is best utilized.

Our signature patchwork bedcovers are made by producers of disability at Kumbaya.

Patchwork gives the effect of beautiful intricacy, adding high value to very small quantities of cloth. Machine stitched patchwork enables women to earn more in less time.

Additionally, training pieces that used to be thrown away are redesigned into useful products.

By adjusting the dimensions, making beautiful designs with contrasting threads and using coloured patches for pockets and bands, attractive cloth bags are made which are used to pack our Patchwork Bed Covers.

Innovation and Recycling in Design

Every scrap of fabric finds its way into patchwork cushion covers, cloth bags, doormats and throws, braided handles for our newspaper bags, in fabricard price tags, gift bags and stationery. 

Our packaging is made of newspaper stitched into a carry bag with our logo photocopied on reused paper and our goods are transported in recycled cardboard cartons.

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