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Many of our skillfully crafted products are popular for individual gifting, as well as corporate gifting! While any Kumbaya product is available for gifting, feel free to browse through the gallery to discover some customer favorites.

Please visit our Pinterest page to check out our full catalogue!

Feel free to contact us if interested in working with us or placing a bulk order.​

Corporate Gifting

Bed Cover Patchwork (BCP) Black and White
Bed Cover  Pineapple Patchwork (BCPP) Double 1
Bed Cover Patchwork (BCP) Black and White
Kumbaya Wild Honey
File Folder (FF)
Laptop Sleeve
Cushion Cover Bricks Patchwork (CCP)
Cushion Cover Square Patchwork(CCSP)
ote- Random Patchwork (TRPWP)
ote- Random Patchwork (TRPWP)
Wallet Picasso (WTP)

Fabricard Envelopes & Gift Bags

Horizontal 3.5x5
Vertical 4.5x3
4.5x3 with Cash
4x7 with Cash-2
Horizontal 4x7
Vertical 7x4
Horizontal 5x7
Vertical 7x5
5x7 with Postcard
Vertical 9x4
Vertical 12x10
Vertical 10x8
12x10 with Magazine
Bag 10x8
Bag 12x10
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