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The Team

The Kumbaya centers are managed by a team of skilled and trained local people. The local team supervises training, production, sourcing, and accounting. We believe that investing in the capacities of a local cadre, who have a stake in the development of the area, consolidates the growth and sustainability of Kumbaya. They have an intricate grasp of production processes, as they have been producers themselves. Given the growing and diverse requirements of Kumbaya, they form enduring teams, continually upgrading each others' skills to be multifaceted, substituting for each other when the situation demands and even producing themselves when there are large orders and deadlines. 


The team has been shaped by the struggle to develop diverse, intricate and skilled capabilities required to run Kumbaya. With no professional experience and no formal training, our managers have devised apposite strategies for management. Instead of a hierarchical, rigid structure, a collaborative team has evolved. Instead of a hierarchical, rigid structure, a collaborative team has evolved. 


Highly differentiated in terms of capabilities, aptitude and experience, our team has an edge - as their work in Kumbaya necessitates nimble-footed adaptiveness and complex interdependence.

Their combined knowledge is what continuously helps Kumbaya to find robust solutions in an unfamiliar, volatile market environment.

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