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Phool Singh

Neemkheda Centre

Joined Kumbaya in 2012

Phool Singh was struck with polio at a very young age. He studied until class ten, but he stopped going to school after his father’s death. For about a year, he was stitching in the village of Ratatalai, but he discovered Kumbaya from a woman in his village that was working here. The stability and diversity in the range of products drove Phool Singh to want to work with Kumbaya, since the stitching business in his village fluctuates due to seasonal demand. He really enjoys making the signature patchwork products of Kumbaya, and he producers all sorts of items, like tote bags and cushion covers at the Neemkheda bhawan. Through his employment with Kumbaya, he is able to provide support for the education of his wife, nieces, and nephews, and he especially wants to ensure that his wife continues past year twelve.

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