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Neemkheda Centre

Joined Kumbaya in 2011

As the eldest sibling in his family, Kumbaya has not only provided Lakhan the ability, but also the independence to provide for himself and his family despite being living with a disability. Lakhan studied until class 10, and joined his brother-in-law’s shop as a tailor. When he heard about Kumbaya through a Self-Help Group and was finding it difficult to earn a sufficient amount of money due to the seasonal uncertainties at the tailor shop, Lakhan began stitching for Kumbaya. Through his employment with Kumbaya, Lakhan has gained an incredible amount of exposure, respect, and independence, yet travel remains a challenge due to his disability. However, he now has the confidence and independence to do things on his own, and he hopes to pass his 12th standard exam so that he can move on to a job at a post office and continue earning for himself.

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