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Neemkheda Centre

Joined Kumbaya in 2007

The first thing you recognize the most about Gabbu is the smile on his face: it's shining, blinding, and brimming from cheek to cheek. You don’t see him for the polio that struck him as a young child; you don’t see him for his inability to use his legs: you can only see his burning smile and charisma. You feel his happiness and joy from working at Kumbaya emanating from his spirit. Ever since he learned about Kumbaya on a bus heading to Udainagar and he asked the mitaan in his village for work, he has loved stitching for the last ten years at the bhawan. Every single day, Gabbu travels 6 km via bus, and then another 6.5 km on his tricycle to reach the production center. Through his employment at Kumbaya, he has been able to provide for his five children and similarly disabled wife. 

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